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Don’t ignore your cavities — address them today!

Concerned about tooth decay?

If you’re experiencing discomfort or noticing signs of decay, addressing them promptly is essential. At Brimfield Family Dentistry, we’re here to help you tackle cavities and restore your dental health. Book online today to discuss your treatment options.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities, also known as dental caries, develop when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that erode tooth enamel. Several factors can contribute to cavity formation:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Consuming sugary or acidic foods and beverages
  • Dry mouth
  • Acid reflux
  • Genetics
  • Age (children and older adults are more susceptible)
  • Inadequate fluoride exposure
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Are Cavities Harmful?

While cavities may start small, they can lead to significant dental problems if left untreated. Some potential consequences of untreated cavities include:

  • Tooth sensitivity or pain
  • Tooth abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Difficulty chewing or speaking

Addressing cavities early can prevent these complications and preserve your natural teeth.

How to treat cavities

Treating cavities involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling the space with a dental filling. For more extensive decay or damage, we may recommend dental crowns to restore the tooth’s strength and appearance. Root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth from extraction in cases of severe decay.

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are key for cavity prevention and early detection. Our experienced dental team can provide personalized recommendations to help you maintain optimal oral health.

Got more questions about cavities?

We’re here to address any concerns you may have about your dental health. Contact us today at (309) 320-8750 or reach out online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists.

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