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At Brimfield Family Dentistry, we help you treat a variety of oral health issues, including:


Around 50% of adults snore regularly. Sometimes, loud snoring can bother your partner and family when they sleep. Other times, snoring might be a sign of a sleep issue called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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Lost Crown

Dental crowns are strong and last 10-15 years with good care. But accidents can happen! If your crown feels loose, breaks, or falls out, our dentists can fix it.

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Crooked Teeth

All smiles are uniquely wonderful. If your teeth aren’t completely straight or balanced, that’s okay – you’re still great the way you are. However, if you’re uncomfortable with your teeth or they’re causing health problems, our Brimfield dentists can help you.

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Deep Cleaning

While regular dental cleanings remove surface buildup, excess plaque can lead to gum issues. That’s when deep cleaning, also called root planing and scaling, is needed. It addresses this issue by cleaning below the gum line, preventing future problems.

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Loose Teeth

Loose permanent teeth are quite common in kids. But for adults, any movement beyond 1mm is not normal. If your tooth is loose, it might mean a problem like injury or disease, and you should visit us right away!

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Missing Teeth

About 30% of adults lose one or more teeth at some point. Don’t let it affect health or confidence; see our Brimfield experts for solutions.

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Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth hurt when you brush, eat, or have hot/cold foods? It might be tooth sensitivity. Our dentists know how to help. Eat, talk, and smile without discomfort again!

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Gum Recession

Gum recession happens when gums move away from the tooth’s surface. This creates gaps where harmful bacteria can gather. It also exposes the tooth’s root, making it more prone to bacteria. If these bacteria stay too long, they can cause gum infections, tooth decay, and even loss of teeth.

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Tooth Pain

A toothache won’t go away on its own. Even if you feel temporary relief, the real issue still needs to be addressed so the pain doesn’t become even worse. Our Brimfield office is here to help. We offer emergency appointments and ways to make you comfortable.

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Bad Breath

If you’ve tried everything to fight bad breath without success, there’s hope. Our dentists will check your dental health, find the cause of your bad breath, and make a personalized plan to help you solve the problem!

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Dental Anxiety

Around 20% of adults avoid it due to anxiety. Yet, oral health affects overall health. Skipping checkups due to fear has serious consequences. At Brimfield Family Dentistry, we provide comfortable care for dental anxiety. Let us help you overcome your fear!

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“TMJ” stands for temporomandibular joints, which connect your jaw to your skull, enabling mouth movements. TMJ pain is common, impacting around 12 million US adults. A TMJ specialist’s diagnosis is vital for effective treatment to ease your jaw discomfort.

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Stained Teeth

If you want to get rid of teeth stains or if DIY whitening methods haven’t given you the results you want, consult our dentists.

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Bleeding Gums

Do you see blood in the sink when you brush your teeth? Are your gums swollen and red? Slight tooth sensitivity and irritated gums might indicate you’re using the wrong toothbrush, have plaque buildup, or are restarting flossing. If you’re facing gum irritation, we can help!

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Tooth Grinding

Do you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping (bruxism)? Although it’s common it can have bigger effects. If you think you might have this issue, prompt treatment can help you feel better and prevent health problems.

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Problems? We have solutions!

At our office in Brimfield, we provide a wide range of treatment options tailored to your needs. Here’s a closer look at some of our treatments:

General Dentistry

We offer all the general dentistry services you need to keep your and your family’s teeth healthy, happy, and pain-free.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You deserve to smile confidently and feel great about yourself. A beautiful smile is within reach, thanks to our modern and straightforward approach to cosmetic dentistry.

Surgical Dentistry

When dental surgery is required, you’ll feel better when you’re treated by a dentist and team you already know and trust. At Brimfield Family Dentistry, attention to excellence and world-class results are our top priorities.

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