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Is your ideal smile one that’s healthy and bright?

You’re not alone! Americans spend nearly $2 billion dollars every year trying to make their teeth whiter. 

If you’re interested in removing teeth stains, or if you’ve spent time and money on over-the-counter whitening strips and other home remedies without ideal results, talk to our dentists. Taking a DIY approach doesn’t work for everyone — it can also cause severe tooth sensitivity. 

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What causes stained teeth?



Dark spots and staining are often caused by external factors like the foods and condiments you eat. A few common culprits include tomato sauce, soy sauce, red and white wine, mustard, berries, tea, coffee, pop, or anything with artificial dyes.



Tobacco products are notorious for compromising the health and appearance of your smile. When nicotine combines with oxygen, it turns yellow. Over the years, nicotine can stain your enamel, causing brown or yellow spots and streaks to appear.


Genetics & Medications

Genetics affect many aspects of your life — you may have been born with darker teeth or with thin enamel that can stain easily. Additionally, some medications can cause tooth staining. And ingesting large amounts of fluoride (common among children) can result in brown dental stains.

Are stained teeth bad?

Surface stains (extrinsic stains) are a cosmetic/aesthetic issue and aren’t bad for your health. However, deeper stains (intrinsic stains) can be a dental health concern.

If you have stained teeth, it’s important to keep up on your regular dental checkups. Your dentist will monitor your dental health and make sure your discolored teeth aren’t putting you at risk

    are stained teeth bad brimfield family dentistry

    2 types of tooth stains

    1. Extrinsic stains

    Superficial stains that appear yellow and spread out over your entire smile

    2. Intrinsic stains

    Stains affecting the dentin (the tissue between the enamel and pulp) of your teeth. Often appears as small and very dark or very light stains.

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    No, you don’t have to give up coffee!

    Although cutting coffee, tea, and other dark beverages from your diet can be a great way to prevent discolored teeth, it’s not always a practical (or desirable) solution. There are other ways you can keep your teeth white without having to stay away from your favorite beverages.

    • Rinse your mouth with water after drinking tea, coffee, wine, or soda
    • Add some milk! The compounds in milk products neutralize acids that can stain tooth enamel
    • Use a straw when drinking cold/iced beverages like iced tea or pop
    • Make sure to brush twice a day and floss daily
    • Invest in an electric toothbrush
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    How to fix stained teeth

    Surface stains are easily solved with one of our professional teeth whitening treatments. We offer in-office and several take-home whitening options to meet your needs.

    The best way to remove deep stains from teeth (intrinsic stains) will depend on your unique situation. We may look at options like veneers, crowns, root canals, or fillings.

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