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With a growing family of our own, we understand how difficult it can be to wrangle everyone to the dentist or even make time in the day for your own health. Our practice was created with your family (and your busy schedule) in mind.

We make things simple. Call us at (309) 320-8750 to schedule your family’s dental visits, complete paperwork, and pay your bill…all online. Text, email, or call us when you need us, whatever is easiest for you. Best of all, be confident that your visits will run on time.

Dental Services for the Whole Family

All the general dentistry services you need to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy, happy, and pain-free.

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Dental Checkups

People of all ages are welcome here at Brimfield Family Dentistry for routine dental checkups. You and your children should visit us every 6 months. And be sure to schedule a visit for your baby as soon as they turn one year old or after their first tooth comes in. 

Did you know:
Most dental insurances cover 100% of your routine cleanings and exams. For those without insurance, ask about our in-house membership plan.

Protective Sealants

Dental sealants are preventive treatments designed to protect against tooth decay. Our dental sealant treatments are great for both children and adults, but the earlier you get them, the better! 

Cavity Fillings

If you or your family has a few cavities, let’s take care of them before they lead to bigger problems. We’ll eliminate the decay and use a safe, tooth-colored material to restore your tooth. 

Did you know:
Even though baby teeth are temporary, left untreated, decay and cavities can cause life-long damage, including infections and orthodontic issues. Don’t ignore the health of baby teeth!

Sports Mouthguards

Do you or your kids play contact sports regularly? Football, soccer, basketball, hockey — all these sports can lead to chipped and cracked teeth. A custom mouth guard is a great way to protect teeth.


Questions About Children’s Dental Care

What age should my child first see the dentist?

To encourage oral hygiene and health from the start, we recommended that your child have their first dentist visit by the age of 1 or 6 months after the growth of their first tooth — whichever comes first.

How should I take care of my child’s teeth?

During infancy, utilize a soft cloth to clean their gums. This should be done up until their first teeth grow in. Once their first tooth comes in, make sure to schedule your child for a dental checkup and start a routine of brushing their teeth before bed.

Additionally, avoid sharing utensils or toothbrushes with your children or cleaning binkies or bottles with your mouth. Your mouth, like everyone else’s, contains a unique combination of bacteria that could be passed on to your child and cause tooth decay.

Most importantly, avoid giving your baby juice or pop in their bottle. These drinks are filled with sugar and are a leading cause of tooth decay.

Hear from our patients


Dr. Clint was great with my children and we are lucky to have such a wonderful dentist office in our community. We have found our new dental office for our household.

– Marissa R.

Only the Best for Your Family

Our practice is guided by the belief that managing your family’s dental care (or your own) should never feel like pulling teeth. At Brimfield Family Dentistry, we’re all about making things easier for you. Our practice feels more like your best friend’s house than a stuffy dentist’s office — comfortable and inviting for all ages.


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