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White Fillings Brimfield, IL

Restore Function Without Compromising Appearance

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Got cavities? We can fix them

Cavities are decayed areas of your teeth that turn into tiny openings or holes. To keep your mouth healthy and avoid more invasive procedures (like a root canal), it’s important to stop decay with a dental filling.

We offer white fillings to restore your tooth back to its normal function and shape while maintaining the natural look of your beautiful smile.


Do fillings hurt?

No! Getting a filling is meant to improve the health and comfort of your mouth, not make things worse! Here in our Brimfield dentist office, the process for getting a filling is fast and has minimal discomfort. We’ll ensure you’re relaxed and happy from start to finish.

How long do white fillings last?

A filling is a strong, successful treatment. On average, our white fillings last 7-12 years.

What’s the alternative to white fillings?

The best way to avoid a filling is to practice good dental hygiene habits — brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly. If you’re dealing with cavities, a filling is the first line of defense.

In the past, metal fillings were the most common type of restoration. Although metal fillings are very durable, they’re also quite noticeable. Today, white fillings are the preferred choice for a natural-looking and long-term fix.

If your decay has spread deep into the tooth, a more advanced treatment alternative may be recommended, such as a crown or a root canal.

white fillings brimfield family dentistry IL

What happens during a filling?

  1. Clint and our entire team will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed before getting started
  2. We’ll gently numb your mouth and then carefully remove the decayed tooth structure
  3. Next, we’ll build up the filling, taking special care to ensure it matches the natural color of your tooth
  4. The final step is to polish the filling, check your bite, and make any final adjustments

Most filling treatments take about 20 minutes per tooth.

Are dental fillings covered by my insurance?

You can feel confident that most dental fillings are covered (at least in part) by dental insurance.

A filling is commonly considered a “basic” dental procedure and covered by a higher percentage than more advanced restorations. Depending on your insurance plan, you’ll probably pay about 20-25% of the cost of the treatment. We recommend that you consult your policy or talk to our front desk staff to confirm your coverage.

We’re in-network with most major insurance providers. Please contact us to confirm that we accept your plan.

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No dental insurance?

Brimfield Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive in-house membership plan to help you afford your care. Individual or family plans available, starting at $34/month. Contact us to learn more.

Hear from our patients


I had a very good experience getting a cavity filled. It was done well but did not take long. Dr. Martin took his time answering my questions and listening to my requests. He filled the cavity in a way that my retainer from my orthodontist still fit so I didn’t have to get a new one.

– Chad B.

We make things easy for you

You really don’t need to feel apprehensive about getting a dental filling. Most everyone gets a cavity or two (or more) during their lifetime. And the process for getting a filling really is so much easier than you might imagine.

At Brimfield Family Dentistry, we’ll help you relax through our welcoming environment, compassionate staff, and commitment to convenience. We’ve created an experience that feels more like visiting your best friend’s house than a stuffy dentist’s office.


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